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Deconstructing The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2018

** By Anandita Bhargava, Junior Editor and Stuti Srivastava, Associate Editor INTRODUCTION The practice of surrogacy can be traced back to the ancient times where ‘Niyoga Dharma’ was followed. ‘Niyoga Dharma’ refers to the practice of creating temporary alliance in case the husband was infertile. The human desire to be a parent is fundamental in a…
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Resolving the ‘Where’ of Online Jurisdiction

By- Prashant Kaushik and Alok Bharadwaj, 3rd Year Students, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University (RMLNLU) The landscape of the converging forces of digital economy of today is of an ever-changing nature marked by an exponential augmentation of disruptive innovations, both in number and their sphere of influence. However, as digital disruption grows while…
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DATAISM: The New School of Jurisprudence

By- Subhaprad Mohanty, Research Associate cum Teaching Assistant at National Law University, Odisha. Law students must have studied various schools of law in their jurisprudence class. Each school represents the various stages of development of law affected many factors-God’s commandments, social contract, historical perspective, social sciences and et al.[i] Addition of new schools of jurisprudence is a…
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By Raja Reeshav Roy and Ankit Shubham, 3rd Year Students, National Law University Jodhpur (NLUJ) Recently, the European Union expressed reservations about the Data localisation policy under the draft Personal Data Protection bill of 2018 proposed by the government of India.[i] The PDP bill is being described as the Indian version of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European…
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I do, I do, Until I DON’T: Consent, Contracts And The Data Protection Bill

By KS Roshan Menon, 5th Year, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab Introduction The protection of data must come at a cost that has been unknown to the Indian lawmaker; for privacy isn’t an archaic right, nor is the enactment of rules that make for a superstructure enabling an Indian law on the subject.…
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Comparison of the powers of Supervisory Authorities under GDPR vis-à-vis the Data Protection Authority under the PDP Bill 2018

By- Siddhartha Tandon, 3rd Year, National Law University Jodhpur (NLUJ) Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite. -Marlon Brando Introduction People and Governments around the world have now started to realize that in this age where technology is rapidly advancing and disrupting, protection of personal data and privacy are…
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By Arjun Gaur, Senior Editor “Justice should not only be done, but should be seen to be done”, is an oft-quoted phrase first used by Lord Chief Justice Hewart in R v. Sussex.[i] The statement underlines a key common law principle that judges should do even-handed justice manifestly, in open court and in full public…
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