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Supreme Court Verdict- Scrapping S.377 IPC

“History owes an apology to the members of this community and their families, for the delay in providing redressal for the ignominy and ostracism that they have suffered through the centuries.” – J. Indu Malhotra INTRODUCTION The Supreme Court in a much-awaited judgment, speaking through a constitutional bench, in the case of Navtej Singh Johar…
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Tracing the Decriminalization of Homosexuality in India

INTRODUCTION In Hindu mythology, allusions to a neutral gender have been made galore. From Krishna to Narada, be it in the Mahabharata or Ramayana, the hovering presence of the LGBTQ community was as strong then as it is today in the 21st century. Sexual fluidity was the norm until all our core ideas were challenged…
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“It is difficult to right the wrongs of history. But we can certainly set the course for future.”[i] The nation witnessed history being created with S.377 read down and the rainbow flags held high. Homosexuality, a word which, had been refrained from being used in the social milieu for so long, can now be spoken…
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